Ransselth is furred! Ears go on tomorrow. 

Ransselth is furred! Ears go on tomorrow. 

Ransselth mask assembly. He is now ready to fur!

And another pile of questions with answers

Last one for a while, the tumblr inbox is clear now!

We are not taking interns currently. Our studio has barely enough room for 4 people as it is. However, please do come and watch our livestream!

I taught myself, and though I have taken many art courses in my lifetime (including a WONDERFUL if WILDLY EXPENSIVE class on moldmaking and casting), I have never taken a class on costuming or fashion. I have just done hours and hours and hours of research, and when it comes down to really learning a new skill, I get my hands dirty and try things. And really, that’s how I started. I spent hours researching whatever I could, and then just plunged in head-first. Literally. My first mask (when I was 12) involved my covering my head in a paper-mache plaster mix goop and building the basis of a mask directly on myself. Trust me when I say thats not how we do things now, but it worked for what it was, and it was a start. 

I have just always liked making costumes, so it was a logical hobby and then profession. I was never interested in making toony animal costumes, so no, I have never done that.

Yup, all of our horns are detachable. Black or dark grey eyes could be lit with LEDs, but they wouldn’t reflect a whole lot of light out - or if they were solid-color cast resin eyes and were lit from behind, there would probably be more like a point of light in the middle.

We certainly could. It’s a perfectly realistic color scheme, seeing as it is a naturally occurring mutation, so I don’t know why one would think that it’s not something we would make on the basis of it not being realistic. 

Besides, while our style is realistic, we make tons of fantasy creatures that look perfectly abnormal. Really, we’re just rather picky about color schemes and markings. We will not make any sparkle dog horrors.

(Actually this gives me an idea for a potentially amusing set of comparison images, between things we would do and things we wouldn’t…)

More answers to more questions

Both. I take a lot of the fur down where I know it will need to be short before I put it on the face, and then I do the rest of the trimming after it’s glued down.

Yes. They are not an option on the calculator yet because I haven’t gotten around to putting the data on there, but if you email me I can give you a quote on arm wings - or any kind of wings.

This tutorial is very similar to the methods we are using.

We are based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. We can (and frequently do) ship our costumes worldwide.

For things like this, yes, we would need to give you a custom quote. You can always look at the calculator to see what kind of features we often offer, though, to see if there’s anything there that you would want on your costume, and also get a feel for our pricing.

Tons of questions being answered

I’ve been paying very little attention to my askbox over the past two months, and there’s some buildup in there. I’m answering them in grouped posts to keep it more compressed.

That noble title probably goes to Chaos (although this is a grey area). However, I will not tell you how much it cost.

Yes, glasses can be worn under our heads. It’s best to warn us before we start building so that we can make sure there is enough room. However, some people have problems with their glasses fogging up inside the heads. 

As for concept art, we do not draw concept art for each costume usually. The only time we do so is when someone asks for a full artistic liberty commission, in which case they get a free flat-color concept art with the costume. In those cases, though, because it is artistic liberty, we show the concept art more to show the customer what we plan to make, not to get feedback and make lots of changes. So while there is, of course, the opportunity to approve or disapprove the design, we do discourage lots of design changes when someone asks us to just design whatever we want within certain parameters. Hopefully that makes sense.

If you check our Price Calculator you can see what prices we offer. The least expensive costumes are those with the fewest features checked off. 

Costume production takes the length of the production batch. We try to keep this to under 6 months, but because we have been woefully behind schedule for a while now, waiting/production times have been more like 1 year recently. We are trying to shorten that wait period.

We get most of our furs from Shannon Fabrics because we can get lots of quantity at wholesale prices. We also order from Distinctive Fabrics, I’m Stuffed Fur, Mendel’s (whose website has been down for months…), Fursuit Supplies.com, and last but certainly not least, National Fiber Technology. And really, we shop around all over the place in search of particular furs sometimes, but these are our main go-tos.

We would like to very much, but we have not gotten a chance to invest the time and money into prototyping the stilts and padding arrangement yet. It could be a while.

The software we are using is Pivotal Tracker, a project management program. It’s pretty rad.

Check out this fox! This lovely premade head will be up for auction starting on August 28th 2014!
Bidding will open at $1500, and will last for 7 days.

Check out this fox! This lovely premade head will be up for auction starting on August 28th 2014!

Bidding will open at $1500, and will last for 7 days.


Thing on my Desk Thursday! (inspired by parliamentrook)

Luckily for you guys, this isn’t for my patreon, so you get to see what’s on the desk this week!

Oh man guys, what’s this - betcha can’t guess! But to give hints, it’s a super cool and useful thing that Ki and I have been collaborating on, and which will soon be available in our Artfire shop!

Trust me when I tell you that you probably need one or two or eight of them.

And the second part of the photo update!

Top row: Raziel. Just realized I forgot to photograph the tail.

Middle row: Phoebus. Tail is still unstuffed.

Bottom: Lilla. That silly skinny thing on the right is the tail without the wefted hair attached.

Progress photos!

Top row - Khaz. Bodysuit is currently being sewn (not pictured)

Middle row - Kikivuli. SO MUCH wefting still to come on that bodysuit and the tail.

Bottom row - Viraj. Tail is unstuffed still. Bodysuit is being sewn (not pictured)

Back from our trip!

We are home safe and sound. I am spending all of today going through as many emails as I possibly can.