have their been any reviews on your costumes?

There aren’t many (any?) active sites with a large collection of costume reviews, from what I know. I know there are reviews of some of our suits here, and anyone looking for some real-time testimonials can visit our chatroom which is frequented by several past customers.

how can I get one of those suits

Most of our suits are custom made to order. We open for orders a couple times a year, and our limited commission slots fill up quickly. All of the information on ordering a custom-made suit can be found on our website: http://clockworkcreature.com/contact/

We also occasionally have pre-made masks/heads for sale or for auction, and we also stock some ears and tails in our artfire shop: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/clockworkcreature/

Regarding "moving" ears on a fursuit head. While the methods you use would obviously depend on what you are looking for I have seen a fursuit head built using nekomimi ears as a base. The ears move and swivel according the the person's brainwaves and thoughts. Sitting relaxed when they are calm or perking up when they notice or focus their attention on something. So far that mechanism was the most natural looking that I've come across.

For me this is purely a matter of taste, but I can’t stand the Nekomimi ears. The fact that they flop forward bugs me so much, I can’t even…

This isn't really a question about pricing or anything.... but I have to ask! Have you ever gotten into a bit of trouble with the police or anything wearing your suits out in public? Some of your creations are very realistic and I can imagine paranoid neighbors calling animal control about a giant wolf/cat in the neighborhood!

Thankfully nothing like that has happened! As funny a mental image as it is, I hate getting in trouble and I do try as hard as possible to be appropriate when suiting in public. Also our neighbors are totally used to us at this point (one lady was convinced we were witches not long after we moved in, but apparently another neighbor set her straight, and gave her a talking-to about being ignorant).

The only time I had a serious lapse of thinking, was when I decided to gather a bunch of our customers at Anthrocon one year for a Sunday morning photoshoot… which involved a shoot right out front of a church. Of course, it was Sunday morning, and the church was actively having a service - they were none too happy with us, but I think the bigger issue was our noise, not that we all looked bizarre. A little old lady came out and told us that we had to leave, and I apologized and got us all out of there ASAP. But that’s the worst that’s happened! Luckily we can all kind of giggle nervously about that incident.

Hey there! I saw some of your handy work on a brilliant African Wild Dog suit! I was wondering if it was possible to replicate that excellent fur pattern on a something like a spirit hood? (I browsed your FAQ's real quick and didn't see anything about spirit hoods!)

Yes, we could do something like that! Send an email to info@clockworkcreature.com and we could figure out a quote.

Do you guys take on apprentices at all? Just curious.

We do not take apprentices (as a technicality, an apprentice is quite different from an intern, and is part of an official trade program). We have taken interns in the past, as part of a college internship program. We may or may not do so again in the future.

I have been meaning to ask, have you ever done a hyena?

We have made a hyena and also a gnoll, which is much like a hyena.

Hello, I was just wondering what program/app you use to chart your progress on the suits that you keep posting screencaps of? It looks interesting and if it's not an in-house thing, I'd like to use it.

We use Pivotal Tracker! It’s pretty neat stuff, but it can be a bit of work to keep it “stocked” with tasks, and keep up with the tracking. So far I think it’s helped, though.

When you send in for a quote, is it okay to send in a picture of what you basically want, but only for a guideline so you can still have artistic freedom?

That is just fine! Just be sure to specify that the art is only to be used as a guide, and maybe give some examples of what in the art is important, and what can freely change (if you feel strongly about any aspect, that is).